Important Announcement from Four Winds Community School

Important Announcement from Four Winds Community School

(Tate Topa Tribal School and Four Winds High School)

Parents and Guardians of students:

The requirements of private and public schools for this year include providing you choices for educating your children.

If you have already contacted your child’s school and chose your option thank you very much. 

If you haven’t, we need to know what your plan is for this fall. 

Your choices available: These choices follow the required plans outlined by the schools.

  1. Register and send your children to school when it is indicated in the plans.  This includes face-to-face when applicable, and virtual when applicable. Internet access is required.
  2. Register your child for Virtual only (Distance learning), students will only be virtual (distance).  The requirements of this are that the students will need to come in to the school and checkout your device, receive training on your device, complete required testing. Internet access is required, your home has to have internet access so the children can access their classwork daily.
  3. Home school your children, this has always been an option.  There are requirements that parents/guardians need to do and forms that need to be turned into their home school district.

Schools are required to notify local Social Services if school age children are not attending school. Our school’s protocol for students who are not accounted for after the school year has started will continue.  What does this mean to you? This means that If we don’t get your intention of which option you are choosing and your child is actively participating by September 8, 2020 the local Social Service Will Be notified.   If distance learning attendance and completion of online work is not done then your child(ren) will be meeting with their Principal to map out a plan so that they are actively participating their education.

If you have question or need to notify us of your intensions please contact the school.

Tate Topa Elementary School (Grades K-4) 766-1400 Ext 1414 or 1415

Tate Topa Middle School (Grades 5-8) 766-1400-Ext. 1484 or 1417 Four Winds High School 766-1400 Ext 1